West Kootenay artist juried into International exhibit Love, Peace, Unity and Hope

The exhibition seeks to illustrate how arts play a crucial role in helping communities heal

The Peace Maker


Mirage Studio owner and local artist, Frantisek Strouhal, has been selected to be part of an online exhibition by Manhattan Arts International titled; “The Healing Power of Art: Love, Peace, Unity and Hope.”

The showcase features his artwork, “The Peace Maker.”

“To achieve ‘Love, Peace, Unity, and Hope’ we need to respect, accept, and value the rich variety of cultures, the various styles of living, and ways of expressing it,” Strouhal says.

“Embracing the fact that all humans are entitled to live in peace, regardless of appearance, position, language, behaviour, and values.”

The attainment of peace, whether among people or in the world, is dependent on the presence of inner peace and reconciliation within each individual, Strouhal continues.

“External peace follows internal peace, and while art accompanies peace, the art for peace is created.”

Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, says she is honoured to present art by natural spiritual story-teller Frantisek Strouhal who created his resplendent work of art, “The Peace Maker.”

“Light and texture play important roles in his poetic narrative and transformative art,” Phillips says. “He uses innovative layering techniques and achieves many translucent tonal variations that enhance the mesmerizing impact of his artwork.”

The exhibition seeks to illustrate how arts play a crucial role in helping communities heal.

It includes 57 artists from all over the world who express ideas and feelings about these vital aspirations.

The exhibition also showcases 15 master artists who were inspired by the message of “Love, Peace, Unity, and Hope.”

Strouhal says there is an alarming prevalence of violence globally.

“Broken communities filled with uncertainty and fear are struggling to find a way to continue their daily lives,” he adds.

“However, what is truly remarkable is that after these tragedies, stories of hope, resilience, and unity have come to light.”

The exhibition is accessible at https://www.healing-power-of-art.org/the-healing-power-of-art-love-peace-unity-hope-2023-exhibition/

Or, view the exhibit through video on the Manhattan Arts International YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMAKMfYzR_Q&t=1s

The showcase is up now and until Jan. 31, 2024.

Strouhal’s artworks can be found at www.frantisekstrouhal.com