West Kootenay artist awarded Silver Medal in international competition


West Kootenay artist awarded silver medal in international competition

Owner of Mirage Studio in Passmore, Strouhal’s works can be found in many private collections

West Kootenay artist Frantisek Strouhal, renowned locally, nationally and internationally for his compelling expressions about the human body and spirit has been awarded a silver medal by the Mondial Art Academia for his artwork titled The Time Keeper.

The prestigious jury was comprised of 35 professionals and grand masters as well as museum and gallery curators.

Strouhal is recognized for creating dreamlike, ethereal, masterfully hand-manipulated photographic images using his unique oil printing process. His subjects transcend their physical qualities and evoke an immediate visceral response.

They speak to the viewer about the mysterious and complex human experience. They provoke inquiry and reflection upon such notions as the transformation in the metaphysical realm of existence.

For Strouhal, the ever-changing narrative approach is an integral part of the artistic process. Upon each viewing, a different story unfolds.

“This work exists to connect with others in contemplation, and peace,” he says. “It is not static, but invites interaction.”

He encourages viewers to contemplate and mesh with his pieces in a peaceful manner.

“My imagery is meant to serve as an oasis of tranquility, permanence and strength and to capture and highlight what is fundamental to our being and society.”

Owner of Mirage Studio in Passmore, Strouhal’s works can be found in many private collections, and have been featured in numerous juried and invitational exhibitions internationally.

You can view his artworks and writings at the boutique Divine Fayerie in Castlegar and on his website www.frantisekstrouhal.com.

In his book ILLUMINATIONS: Art Embracing Awareness, the poem Illusive Imagination accompanies the artwork The Time Keeper.

Illusive imagination

I am sixty-six years old

and the likeness of me

who I laboured to be

has evaporated like the droplets of water

on the morning clover leaves

It wasn’t illusive imagination,

only a little bit of over identification.

and as of today, it has ended. Not that I

have reached where I craved to be

or completed what I needed to do.

But everything ended entirely.

Enter. Observe. As the sun

dissipates the dew that matures

the pear, the imagination,

as much as we allow it,

shapes our transformation.

For the first time, I am naked

without protection. Nothing hidden. It feels

marvelous and unsettling

like the breeze drying

the tears of my gratitude.

Mondial Art Academia is a French Association whose mission is to encourage, spread and promote the Culture, Arts and Letters by recognizing and honoring the exemplary career of talented artists. With a creative and aesthetic rigor, it brings together professional artists and amateur talents established in France, Europe, Canada, the USA and other countries.

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