The truth about how “Silence Within” was created.

"Silence Within"


How “Silence Within” was created.


Sitting in our cozy gazebo on a warm Saturday morning, my wife and I were sipping our espressos. The birds were singing in the background, and the fragrance of the wild violets permeated the air.

Chantal’s eyes were unusually bright with excitement. I felt compelled to ask her, “What is it, Darling?” With a smile, she answered, “I had a very beautiful dream during the night, my love. Just imagine, I was standing in a field of daisies, and my body was covered with thick, powdery dust. Suddenly, a swift breeze came over me and blew it all away. It felt like I was being freed from all that was weighing me down: my fears, my attachments, and old habits. It was all swept away into thin air, and then I felt a deep silence within. A joyful sense of freedom was flowing through my whole being. Time stood still.”

Later, when I was working on “Silence Within,” I came to understand that silence is not something that thought can create. It happens naturally—inevitably—as we open, observe, and investigate ourselves. Silence is not the absence of noise, and it can only occur when the content of consciousness has been fully grasped.

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