The Time Keeper

The Time Keeper

"The Time Keeper"


Illusive Imagination

It’s been almost 66 years

but at this moment

as the wet clover leaves

glisten and the pear begins to golden,

I settle in the void between

me and life.

The likeness of me

has faded away.

It wasn’t illusive imagination,

Only a little bit of over-identification.

And as of today, it has ended. Not that I

have reached where I craved to be

or completed what I needed to do.

But everything ended entirely.

Enter. Observe. As the sun

dissipates the dew that matures

the pear, the imagination,

as much as we allow it,

shapes our transformation.

For the first time, I am naked

without protection. No chart

or hidden target. It feels

marvelous and unsettling

like the breeze drying

the tears of my gratitude.

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