Time to Breathe

Time To Breathe

"Time To Breathe"


So, why not take the time to breathe?

What is it we are looking for?

When hanging on,

I endure such emptiness.

You, scared of being authentic,

bury yourself secretly in your story,

wishing nobody notices you.

Let’s be truthful, you and I switch around.

When wounded, in pain,

we flee like refugees

from the madness of the world.

When I’m able to stand still,

It is revealed, in a moment

That being is just

movement around a fixed mark,

where understanding is delight

and ignorance struggle.

So, why not take the time to breathe?

We can’t run away from life

or put an end to it, any more than

a planet can put a stop to its spin.

Understanding will lead us to our Souls,

The way water ripples,

like stretched silvery silk in the wind,

the way the Divine being

who has no shape,

brings all shapes inside the Mystery.


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