Release from Sorrow, artwork and poem

Release from Sorrow

"Release From Sorrow"


Oh humility, humility

Why do we always meet when I’m at my greatest dis-ease?

I keep my distance and yet you follow

ready to deliver my relief.

I push away, I push away,

but you've come to stay, knowing that I need you.

A common grace in a commonplace

overlooked like the path I took, leading to our meeting.

Oh, bittersweet sorrow,

Hold me and tell me how good things used to be,

how great they could have been

and how I’ll never know.

I know you because I was loved

I got to know you more because push came to shove

and I didn't repay what I owe.

Locked inside my own emotions

Unable to see past my own mistakes

I got too friendly with regret

I've gone too far to stay.

I see two faces in your one

I want to watch them grow old

but I know the potential for that moment is done

our meal has gone cold.

Transformations you've undergone,

inertia I must overcome

Skulls on my pillow,

I needed the darkness to get to know the sun.

By Jakub Strouhal

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