Over the Edge

Over the Edge

"Over the Edge"


“Falling into the Hands of the Living God is a fearful thing.”

—Hebrews 10:31 

“Over the Edge” powerfully brings to life our need to face and jump into what we fear, and how by doing so, its grip on us may be dispelled. The young woman soars joyfully into the unknown with enthusiasm, arms open, feeling a moment of freedom, and trusting that she will land unharmed.

After what can be years of indecisiveness and increasing terror, we may finally stand before everything we know and jump into the emptiness of the void.

Summoning our courage to take a leap of faith, certain moments of our lives replay themselves in numerous ways.

Our incessant need to feel whole and make sense of life brings us to the edge of this precipice. Whether this is caused by discord in our relationships, the walls of our loneliness, the pit of our low self-esteem, or the drowning sense of guilt, that need pushes us to the edge.

There we wobble back and forth, hesitant to leap. This is a moment of risk and faith that repeats itself in our lives.

Time and again, though we would rather turn away, our willingness to take a risk enables us to experience the mystery of the self.

The only way we can feel safe is to realize that there is nothing at the bottom to fall into, the cosmic brain has the attitude programmed for the leap ahead into our unknown self. This allows us to understand and see in new ways, to trust ourselves and life’s process, as we walk into what we are afraid of.

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