The Healing Power of Arts

Release from Sorrow

"Release From Sorrow"



While creating, being present, being lost in the moment, the stillness automatically eliminate my stress factor.  This state of being completely engaged is like being in a meditative state and holds many of its benefits, like feeling more relaxed and receptive.


The healing power of Arts has also found its way in medicine. Its intention has been to bring together patients and caregivers, to explore the energy of music, writing, painting, and magic. We are living in absolutely amazing times. Scientific studies have shown that art affect a person’s brain wave patterns, the autonomic nervous system, hormonal balance, immune system, and brain transmitters. They can change one’s perception of pain, suffering, depression and anxiety.


Last and most important art enhances spiritual wellness. People have been using art to cultivate positive changes within themselves and relations with the outside world. Images can reveal in the same way as they do in dreams, which makes it easier to decode them.


Sometimes we have emotions that we haven’t found words for. Using art help us to get at those feelings and express them in some ways. Once we see them, we begin to understand them better and our relationship to them is altered this is why I purposefully produce an emotional art.