International exhibit showcases West Kootenay artist

The Flaming Revelation

Local artist Frantisek Strouhal was juried to be included in the Federation of Canadian Artists’ (FCA) exhibition “On The Edge,” featuring his new artwork, “The Flaming Revelation.”

Open to all artists worldwide, this international exhibition is to encourage artists to challenge themselves in their practice, challenge their audience and push the limits of their media for the chance to exhibit on a global stage and win prize awards.

“I am grateful and pleased to have been selected by the FCA jury to take part in this wonderful show,” Strouhal said.

His creation ‘The Flaming Revelation’ is described as an enchanting and breathtaking mixed media piece from his “Art Embracing Awareness” series.

The human form is essential to Strouhal’s artwork, which he expresses is “the most universal symbol of beauty.”

“The Flaming Revelation” and Strouhal’s writing that accompanies the piece, explore the layers of emotional complexity contained within the human form.

Each brushstroke leaves a trace of timeless nostalgia, a feeling that floods the mind and body of memories made of love and heartache, dreams that are alive and dreams lost along the way.

The image transports the viewer from a life enamoured with the world to a state of contemplation about what it means to be human today.

The exhibition will take place at the Federation Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver from June 27 to July 17 and online at:

Strouhal’s works and writings can be seen at

The mission of the Federation of Canadian Artists is to advance the knowledge and appreciation of art and culture to all Canadians, offering education, exhibition and communication in the visual arts, and to support and promote emerging to professional member artists.

The Flaming Revelation

The lover is absorbed in the loving

as the dew evaporates into what it supports to

grow. It’s common for us to be uneasy about this, but

we can no more struggle against it than a seed

can resist blooming into a flower.

When you pick me up, you take in

part of my fall. But it won’t make you fall.

This is the innocent beauty and mystery of love.

The lover is sustained in the loving

the way the sun blazes through the clouds

like a flaming revelation.