Encounter with the Unknown

"Encounter with the Unknown"


Eyes fixed, your gaze steady, jaw relaxed…

Through irreparable loss, you saw the mirage, then through it to a place that had no name; foreign to men with lenses. A place where labels cannot cling because language cannot tame it. Your heart of hearts. Tell me...when Fear looks at you, do you turn towards or turn away? There are only two choices; toward or away.

The latter you reckon Home. Immersed by the complexity of the world, swept by a tumbleweed of souls who live to roll on down the road. The former we suppose the journey of the alone.

 The world will not let your branches cross. Iron rails run where you do not want to go.

You see, what do you look like? Behind your coloured hair and beneath your tattoos? Before you bought what they were selling? Before you meticulously built your opinions, conceits and your assertions? Before you had all this to lose? And what's more, did you ever tread where there was not a footprint already? You! Your mother's son, your father's daughter. You who call your life your own. What did you look like before you added all these Non-you agents? And why do you not want to know?

It’s the business of the alone, to venture over that edge...

Not you, the latter, who aren't not-two yet.

By Jakub Strouhal


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