Being Mana.

Being Mana

"Being Mana"

"The fog of our conditioning evaporates under the influence of the sun rays of our authenticity."

I never thought it would be such a perfect match!

While interviewing Mana, I observed her body language intently, the light shining from her eyes and the soft tone of her voice. She was elegant in her simplicity and powerful in her authenticity.

As we spent more time together, I became increasingly confident that Mana would be the perfect fit for my next piece. At the end of our conversation, she was delighted and enthusiastic to be part of my new creation.

Our evening in the studio together was prolific and nothing less than magical, as if there was no other. Whenever we weren’t in front of or behind the camera, we would be sitting comfortably around the coffee table. The room dimmed with candlelight, we were open and honest as we sipped our sweet tea and shared the depth of our hearts. Neither of us was afraid to be vulnerable.

With “Being Mana,” my intention was to describe the spiritual power that charges anyone who is in contact with it. Carl Jung defines the term Mana as “the unconscious influence of one being on another” without being aware of it happening.

Just by being who we really are, we experience life in all its intensity, but also we help others to be more themselves and to see what it really means to be a human being.

Whenever I am behind the camera and in my studio, time stands still. The inspiration flows in:

I need to see

or I will perish.

This need to see

allows me to create

everything with passion.

It allows me to really see you.

In the stillness that arises

It’s uncertain who is speaking

And who is listening.

It’s written in my heart.

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