Absorbed in the Moment....Listen...

Absorbed in the Moment

"Absorbed in the Moment"


How many times has my wife complained, “You’re not listening,” and be totally right? In fact, at times I could repeat what she said word for word but simply chose not to pay attention to it. I learned that as I found refuge in the noise of my own thoughts, I was turning a deaf ear to the sounds of others.

It was apparent that real communication was not my forte. The question arising from this awareness was; what does it really mean to listen? With curiosity, I started observing intently what was going on around me and began noticing how extremely difficult it is to communicate with one another, even if we know each other very well.

Little by little I began to investigate and educate myself about the Art of Listening.

It became crystal clear that very few of us listen directly to what is being said. We always interpret it according to a particular point of view, or with the desire to be right.

We hear everything through a filter of preconceptions, pre-packaged values, our likes, and dislikes. And with these filters, we listen. Therefore, we listen to our own noise, to our own sound, to our own conditioning. Whatever we listen to is always understood through the screening of these programs. Obviously, we are not understanding one another.

My challenge then was to be aware of my conditioning and yet to be free from it. I had to give it all my attention without making an effort and without interpreting.


The exercise! When seeing and hearing another’s pain!

Is to gently hold it!

Like a precious jewel In the middle of your chest!

Just for a moment!

Without comparing it with your own pain.   


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