How to Handle Negative People?

The Time Keeper

"The Time Keeper"


One day, a man rushed up to Socrates, saying,

“I have some news to tell you!”

Socrates put up his hand to stop the excited man.

“First let me ask you three questions,” Socrates said.

“Ah, hum, Okay.” said the man.

“Is the news you are about to tell me something you personally know to be true?”

“Well no.” Replied the man

“I heard it from a good source, though.”

“Then let’s go to the second question,” Socrates said.

“Is the news you want to tell me is about someone you know personally?”

“Well, no,” The man said.

“But I think you know the person.”

“I see,” Said Socrates.

“Then let me ask you my final question. Is this news positive or negative?”

“Well it’s negative”

“Let me see,” Said the wise Socrates.

“You want to tell me some news that you don’t know personally to be true, about someone you don’t know at all, and that is negative.”

“Well, it sounds bad when you put it like that.” Said the man.

“I think I’ll pass.” Socrates said.